We will always do our best to accommodate the rescheduling of your photo tour. To give us the best possible chance of doing so, we would request that you let us know 7 days in advance of your shoot.


To cancel a shoot, we ask that you give us 72 hours’ advance notice, in which case you will receive a full refund. Cancelling within 72 hours of the shoot may incur a charge to cover the cost of the photographers lost time.


Travel insurance can cover events like these, please check your cover and include this type of claim if necessary.

As soon as you make your booking we will start the process of finding you the perfect photographer based on the time & date and any specific requirements you have given us. We will also find the most suitable meet location for you.

Once we have all of this information we will contact you with confirmation no later than 7 days before the shoot date.

Rest assured that we will provide you with detailed information, including a Google maps link of the precise meet location and a photo of your photographer to help you recognise them.

No need to panic, we will give you the contact details for your photographer in advance so you can make contact and explain that you are running late. Our photographers will do their best to ensure your shoot is covered in full but it is likely they may have other bookings so may not always be possible and is at the photographer’s discretion.

If you cannot find your meeting point or your photographer you should give them a call. The photographer will have your number too, just in case.

Absolutely – all of our photographers have been hand-picked by us based on their photography style and are passionate about what they do.

We also strongly believe that personality is just as important, our photographers are friendly and approachable.

Your high-resolution photos will be professionally edited by your photographer and made available via an online link in your own private album, within 5 business days of your photo tour.

We won’t let a little rain interfere with the shoot. Each photographer is expected to have a back-up plan for bad weather, ensuring you still get the best of the location and the shots regardless of the weather.

If the photographer deems the weather to be dangerous then we will do our best to reschedule or offer a full refund.

Yes, you can use the photos for your own personal use. Feel free to download them, print them, share them with friends and upload them to social media. Get the most out of your photos, we just request that you do not use them for any commercial purposes.

We also want to show off your photos on our website and social media profiles but we do respect your privacy and will give you the option to opt-out of this when you make your booking.

To get the best impact when showing off your beautiful photos we suggest that you dress smart for the day. However, please also think practical as there will be some walking so ensure you are comfortable. Visit our gallery page for inspiration.

Your photographer is likely to take hundreds of photos during the shoot and will select only the best of the best to be included in the final cut. Those shots with closed eyes and funny faces will be left out.

We don’t allow access to all photos that are taken on the day as both our photographers and ourselves need to ensure certain standards are adhered to.

It’s your photo shoot so we are fairly open to this, however please keep in mind that the more people in your shoot the longer it takes for the photographer to organise and predict each shot so we have created the following guidelines to help you:


  • Start Snap (30 Minutes) – ideally 1 to 2 people
  • Fly-by (1 hour) – great for couples.
  • Globe Trotter (90 Minutes) – perfect for 4
  • The Explorer (2 hours) – we recommend up to 6 people
  • City Trekker (3 hours) – perfect for groups up to 8+

We will ask for this information when you make your booking and can discuss further if required.

Firstly, we do not charge any additional costs for a proposal shoot, weddings are expensive enough. Simply choose a standard package and tick the ‘proposal shoot’ option when filling in your details and we will sort the rest.


For proposals, we will find a suitable proposal spot for you (unless you already have one) and send you the details well in advance. The proposal photographer will be aware it is a proposal shoot and will spring out of their hiding spot to capture that perfect moment.


We recommend at least 2 hours for a proposal, which allows for a post engagement photo tour.

Yes you can, our photographers are some of the best and we are able to dedicate a photographer with the relevant experience for your specific needs.

Both we and our photographers have a passion for all types of commercial shoots, some experience of our photographers include:

  • Fashion
  • Social media campaigns
  • Team building events
  • Corporate events
  • Christmas parties

Through our own experience we know that every commercial project is different so we invite you to contact us where we can cover the finer details with you.

Weddings are stressful, there are a thousand and one things to think about when planning a wedding and especially in an unfamiliar destination. Our first aim is to make sure that we make the process as simple as possible but capture everything you require in a ‘big day’ wedding photographer.

We make sure that no stone is unturned, we will communicate via video link to make the journey personal to you and ensure we understand exactly what you need.


We then turn to our photographers and give you the option of who you wish to choose, with accompanying portfolios to help you with the decision. Our professional wedding photographers know their local area and can get those shots that take your breath away, and everyone else’s too.


We invite you to get in touch with us where we can chat about your requirements in finer detail.


Need more information? Just contact us…



If you have any questions regarding Pictrip’s services, including a proposal
shoot or a wedding photographer please get in touch. We welcome press
and business enquiries too.